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Saturday 16st, May 10:42:37 Pm
Eromanga Sensei: A Modern Masterpiece


After I made the previous video, a lot of people have been asking me to get into details regarding the excel sheet that shows exactly how much money you can make with BE if you ever have followed every bet since day 1. Here I can show you how you can make per day betting on hand picked games even if you are a broke. Another shitty rushed vlog while I'm out of town, but don't worry I've got a great idea for a video about Kirito when I get back home look I just don't wanna lose this bet okay I bet way too many people I could make a video every day this month. Manga and light novels are coming back into fashion, but at a price that kinda makes it not really worth it unless you can write it off on your taxes by. So after watching digibro make another dumb video, this time about how he thinks youtube should do away with comment sections, i decided to create this long winded video about intellectual honesty, and digis complete lack of it.

Also i made this video in a day so dont expect much. Add this Tweet to your website by copying the code below. Add this video to your website by copying the code below.

Hmm, there was a problem reaching the server. I came across this article a few days ago, was very impressed by how well done it was. If this was the standard by which accusations of this nature were reported on then the world would be a far better place and there wouldn't be nearly as much tribalism over accusations. Become a patron of Digibro today Read posts by Digibro and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.

Missing Videos - A lot of my content gets removed from regular streaming sites, so I've had to archive it here. Exclusives - Often I drop random content that I'm not sure what to do with on my patreon. Just how long DID IT take to upload?

Digibro Made A 7-Hour Video Recommending Anime Shows. Saying that this guy loves anime a lot is probably an understatement. Finally, A Good Look At 'Better Call Saul'. If you're going to fail, at least fail with absolute style. Every day we send an email with the top videos from Digg.

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Digibro is a mildly successful anime review youtuber who has found himself in a bit of a downward spiral that kicked off after recent drama involving the I looked up "Digibro Exposed" out of curiosity. I stumbled across a video by Gigguk another anime channel on his secondary channel, GigTalks. He raises two key points, Digibro wants more anime content like his and that Digibro is not personable to his audience, making his content boring and uninteresting.

EDIT Feline Darkmage posted the video that Gigguk is responding to, it seems. Last edited Oct 16, Reactions Jheeb and YBaby. Click on Digibro’s YouTube channel and you’ll be met with an eyeful of Japanese anime accompanied by an audio track of a conversational male tone.

Youthful and casual, Digibro sounds like he could be the president of your local anime club, confidently narrating his opinions on the latest show, even if they aren’t shared by the majority. If Collins wanted to make a living as a niche entertainer, he was going to have to get creative.

Right around then, a comedy YouTube duo called the Game Grumps debuted.

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In their first video, they talk about how YouTube was their full-time job, Collins said. Even so, he’s not well known enough to get recognized day to day. Instead, the biggest challenge Collins faces is about the way YouTube deals with copyright. I'm Digibro and I make a bunch of web content. People ask me a lot of questions and I share a lot of opinions on various websites and it's all New videos generally get linked within an hour or two and provide a place for those followers who are a bit more invested to have hopefully more fruitful and productive conversations about them than in the comments sections of Youtube.

In addition blog posts, videos, or your own text post submissions that have some specific relation and relevance to the content and thoughts of Digibro and his followers are welcome, just be smart and don't get too asinine or inane with it.

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Stream GENUFLECT by Digibro from desktop or your mobile device. Crazy is the way to market anything you say So you can make enough online to buy your groceries for the day But if you stand up for yourself I guess you just don't know the internet Your skin needs to be thick enough for anybody's boots to tread.

They want you to be a ghost, sadbois will give up the most Must protect your look because your money's in your twitter posts Go ahead and throw me out, I know I'll fuck up your clout Let's create some drama, give them something to make vids about. Genuflect before the screen know that life has no meaning unless you take up thi. But this Digibro video made a good chunk of sense, but that makes me sad, can someone refute and so it looks like he is just deceiving everyone?

I never thought I'd see the day since my broke ass definitely can't support his Patreon. Even if that is the case you'll always be the famous known user on MAL with the adorable Tsuyu forum pic so all is good.

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Conrad Aaron Collins, better known online as Otaku Gonzo Journalism, Digibro and formerly DigibronyMLP, is an American anime YouTube critic who is known for his analytical and detail-oriented breakdowns of anime series, movies, and also of the anime medium as a whole. His videos generally feature only his commentary, and while having used background music on several occasions, he has stated that "one should only use music in videos if it adds something to the video", and that in his videos, he talks. Digibro isn't good, but he's not that bad nacreo.us the worst YouTuber is double4anime, that guy is such a loser.

As for best anime YouTuber, bobsamurai is pretty good.

A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Pectusumbra 3 years ago I personally like mothers basement best, digibro is hit or miss, but at least makes decent points or things worth thinking about, though I don't fully agree with his tastes.

There's plenty of things I disagree with him on and I can agree that he can get rather abrasive, but let's not twist words to try to make a point. Anime and Manga - Other Titles. This is Digibro’s music collection on Bandcamp. Being notorious and efamous and shit is all cool and fun and it's nice that it can pay out, but at the end of the day it's making music and doing shit and connecting with anyone or feeling anything that makes it worthwhile.

Fuck being relevant-I'd rather be satisfied. Digibro" formerly Digibrony, real name Conrad Collins is an internet media critic, primarily known for his critical, detail-oriented videos on both anime and the anime industry. Beyond specific reviews detailing the individual merit of specific anime series or genres, his topics of discussion include how anime is produced, how it is distributed, and how it is consumed. On cool ideas you made your name But the canvas fell out of the frame The lost potential makes me sigh As one single dumb red balloon goes by.

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Youtube videos are generally meant to be consumed in one sitting, however most people aren’t used to watching videos for an hour, let alone 2. By breaking the videos up to parts, it allows viewer to take breaks and pace themselves on their watching it if they want, rather than just having to go through it in one sitting or have to.

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In her second latest Glass of water video, she tried to tie Digibro into an Anti-SJW rant about the reaction to Crunchyroll’s new show.

Although he barely mention the show and complained more about the money going to a show instead of fixing their platform and called out the show for claiming diversity while having female staff. Maddox is going to make a video about parasites.

Maddox was probably right about everything. Maddox was my hero all through school. It's sad that my recent video has more views than any of his in the last year. [A Stats] The results of Maddox attempting to use a mass shooting for publicityslandering of Dick spoiler Maddox lost. Youtuber Digibro argues about how the label of Metroidvania is an overgeneralization of two games and their spiritual successors.

First Video Follow-up I'd say he makes a great argument that, since Super Metroid and Castlevania SotN have very different design goals, they shouldn't be lumped together. The former's more focused on platforming while SotN and "Igavanias" are designed more as side-scrolling Action-RPGs.

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Hook Digibro] The sun is coming up, but I've been awake all night I'd love to see the day, but I gotta say goodbye My weary, bleary eyes, they can't handle all the light So don't wake me 'till it's starry out and I can be alright x2. [Verse 1 Digibro] I've never gotten sleep at the right time Never matched a beat on every line I'm always kinda off, biorhythmically So my melody lines are a little bit oblique But I know how to flip stress into pure bliss I know how to make records out of bullshit I know I've got the lines to connect my. Digibro is raising funds for A Full Season of The Pleeb The Weeb!

Two gaijin besties discuss all the Japanese Animes and have a drunken party in their tops blooby poster set. Two gaijin besties discuss all the Japanese Animes and have a drunken party in their tops blooby poster set. Backers pledged 7, to help bring this project to life.

Last updated October 22, Campaign Rewards FAQ Updates 7 Comments 27 Community. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Explore Digibro rdigibro community on Pholder See more posts from rdigibro community like classic Digi. Please don't make another SAO video. There are people who love you, and want you to be safe.

Tried sketching the trans magical girl before there transition from digibros amazing light novel he wrote in a day. I only draw men so sorry if it looks a bit too manly. Video about how Digibro pulled out the long knifes and stabbed fellow content creator and online friend Mumkey Jones and his fans in the back, getting unironically Angry at him for remaining calm in the conflict and not taking it personally. Digibro and the Professional Ultimatum nacreo.us a short recommendation video about a samurai themed anime which Digi enjoyed.

The creator of this show, Nobuhiro Watsuki, was arrested on November for owning actual child pornography. "Watsuki is quoted as telling authorities, I liked girls from the upper grades of elementary school to around the second year of junior high school.

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Here’s my video essay about one of my favorite creators, and how having a small, passionate group of fans can let anyone make a living off of creating niche art. Conrad "Digibro" Collins did a podcast in in which he talked about an anime called Eromanga Sensei every week, episode by episode.

Most of the characters in this show are light novel authors.

They were shown as being able to write an entire light novel in one day, which is, of course, absurd. After being annoyed at this preposterous detail, Digibro challenged himself to write a whole light novel in one day.

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t able to do that, having to extend the deadline to one week Conrad "Digibro" Collins did a podcast in in which he talked about an anim. Digibro and everyone else are entitled to their own opinion, but I just felt he was a little to harsh on it. It seemed like he was on a mission to hate on it from the start. Again, his opinion but that's just an observation I got from his thoughts on both the series and A1.

1 Reply 0325 I loved that video digibro is best girl in the big anime that is youtube. I get a "make a video about digibro" comment every other week. Reactions Twisted Tsuki, ChevroletBlackboard, Hanamura and 3 others. So in recent news, he has rebranded his channel as "Otaku Gonzo Journalism", like around a few days ago. I mean he can change the name but he will and his url will always be digibrony. Spoiler Try as he likes, he still the digibrony for now and forever.

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Learn about Digibro his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.

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YouTube anime enthusiast who is known for his Digibro channel's content. He has garnered popularity there for his anime discussions, debates, and lists. He began his YouTube channel on November 28, Trivia. He has amassed more than, subscribers to his YouTube channel.

One of his most popular videos there, "Why Good Anime Is Hard To Make," has earned more than 1 million total views. Note he recently shaved his beard, so this isn't totally up to date. I've been watching Digibro for a long, long time since his My Little Pony days. That said, no matter the content, I just can't get enough of this guy! His personality is definitely the reason I watch him. This YouTuber has taken over my life, and it's only been a day, so I'm prepared for her to take over my entire soul and being soon with her absolute perfectness.

If you know anything about me which you probably don't, because I rarely post, it's that I am not a beauty person. She makes her videos with a purpose. Which is depression suicide prevention. Bedtime is usually around Flosses daily.

See more of DigiBro on Facebook. See more of DigiBro on Facebook. Beigetreten 18 Feb This channel is for podcasts, gaming videos, and other things that, while fitting in with the subject matter of the Digibro channel, do not fit in with its style of presentation. If you want me to read your comments, leave them here nacreo.us Abonnieren66 Tsd.

Ranting About Pain Its Portrayal in Media. Mcdonalds paper straws are basically just lip service. The straws barely make a difference at all, its purely a PR move. Unrequited, I am not familiar with that word.

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Digibro Masters Onrine Digibro. It's Digimon, therefore, it's amazingly great. The requirements are low, but you can max the game out fully if you want to, making it great for both poorfags and people who actually contribute to society. The client download is a bit shitty but there's nothing else we can do, so just register and download on the Joymax website. A lot of bonus EXP events which are probably there because they want you to experience the full game without needing to grind 247 since there's gonna be a wipe as with every CBT anyway, which is a really nice thing most devspubs don't think o. United States Beigetreten 28 Nov I'm a ravenous consumer of every media form, and I can't enjoy myself unless I'm analyzing something.

Yes, I have a problem, but it's my job to have that problem now, so I'm not complaining.

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This video is indeed making me hopeful after a shitty day. Okay, I’m a huge fan of all sorts of rap, and holy shit by the first song I was already incredibly impressed. I was actually thinking today about making all the money vs making the most amount of money in a given instance, fancy that right.

Kokokokokoko quinto Vor 10 Stunden. I mean Sandler has his own production nacreo.us the camera man. Mp3 Intellectual Honesty Digibro And How To Recognize A Terrible Anime Youtuber In One Video.

Intellectual Honesty Digibro And How To Recognize A Terrible Anime Youtuber In One Video. Today's weebcast features Digibro, Gigguk, Ninouh, Subsonic Sparkle, and The Pedantic Romantic discussing the state of anime AniTube Rewind. AniTube is dope and stuff so here's a video to make people happy with life My madlad editor Jackisboy tbh, "Otaku Gonzo Journalism" is just a pretentious phrasing of "Otaku Life Blogger".

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A look into what makes the videos of Super Eyepatch Wolf resonate with me so deeply. I promise I talk about actual anime too, that's on the way, lol. If you'd like to support my work nacreo.us For occasional upda. You guys like topics that I wrote a video for a day before Digibro put out his own video on them right? You guys love academic Miyadai Shinji right? Yeah, master of relevancy right here. This channel is for podcasts, gaming videos, and other things that, while fitting in with the subject matter of the Digibro channel, do not fit in with its style of presentation.

If you want me to read your comments, leave them here nacreo.us This channel is for podcasts, gaming videos, and other things that, while fitting in with the subject matter of the Digibro channel, do not fit in with its style of presentation.

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If you want me to read your comments, leave them here nacreo.us SubscribeVideo.

Ranting About Organic FoodUpscale Groceries. Ranting About Memories Anthology Anime. Watch video Digibro Wants to be a Loli Digi Bros. Views 11 Added by Pinkie Pinkie Mew Mew.

Video uploaded 29 See all videos on Attvideo. This video wasn't written or recorded by me. I had nothing to do with the words said. I just pressed buttons and uploaded it. I actually quite like parts of what digibro does, a lot of it is very confusing. I criticize him because there are moments where he doesn't live up to his potential and. What Makes Anime Adaptations Worth Watching?

Mixed Media Mistakes In Anime.

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In this video, I analyse the way Sangatsu no Lion uses tone shift in the first episode. Digibro's video about toneshift nacreo.us Anime I used Sangatsu no Lion studio Shaft Attack on Titans Wit studio.

Digibro Main-Channel Video Tier List. Haha, I'm sorry for the wait, this is a topic that's been bugging me for a while, and I think it might help some people look at the issue with more thought. And because its never fun to get taken down Copyright Dis.

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Well there are tone shifts in real life. How often have you been having a good day until an unexpected altercation, car trouble, sudden sickness, or bad news suddenly made it a bad day? I like it because the Western heroic epic arc is an unrealistic ideal, where things start out bad, then the hero vanquishes an external evil, and then things are good, and that's the end. But anime recognizes that life is more nuanced and cyclical. It would be nice if you could make a vid on Gintama in future coz your analysis are so good!.

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Digibro You’re all over the place man. But your original claim of relativism’ was baseless. You couldn’t defend your point so the entire argument was you making post hoc explanations consistently reframing the argument to avoid contradiction. You even contradicted yourself a few times. Also, Destiny is right arguments from fallacy don’t work. Even if your conclusion is true your reasoning is still wrong. Although that wouldn’t be the case for things like contradictions which do not require a conclusion or any further explanation.

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Disclaimer, Digibro does use content from Kyoto Animation without permission here, but to my knowledge it's Hasbro getting at least some of the money. What this means is that Hasbro is claiming to own content that they do not and have never owned.

To add insult to injury, if Hasbro is doing like many music companies do with ContentID, Hasbro is making thousands of dollars off of these animations that again, they do not own, while the actual video owners and creators get nothing. Is it legal to monetize a video and keep the entirety of the profits without consent, just because of one or two characters? I would think Hasbro would have to take the video maker to court and sue for damages first.

A video violating one's copyright does not mean that they own the entire video.

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nacreo.us Him making a lot of rly good and honest points Me, high as fuck for like the third night in a row wow ur so right that's great advice. More videos about weed would be cool. It's weird to hear people tell stories about getting high. I'm just not very affected by weed. Smoking or vaping does almost nothing for me-it makes me sleepy and slightly distracted.

Edibles will make me hungry and more distracted and I will fall asleep. The first couple times I tried edibles, I think I got high, but it never happened after.

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Conrad Aaron Collins, also known as Digibro, is a self-described "otaku gonzo journalist" and is most well known as a YouTuber that makes analytical videos, virtually exclusively for anime formerly My Little Pony, under the alias Digibrony.

During a bout of clinical depression in high school he claims to have started writing for his anime blog and dropped out of college due to not feeling he required a degree. He had then stated that he started his YouTube channel after hearing Arin from the Game.

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YouTube Digibro After Dark k subscribers, m views - video analytics, best and last videos, top videos, likes, dislikes, comments. We've analyzed more than k accounts similar to Digibro After Dark and calculated median values for certain metrics.

You can check some of similar accounts below. To get access to this blurred data you have to get Premium Report for this account. Demo hello homies hello bro homies is hello is. Demo bro a demo demo circumstance homies is hello homies. Hello bro circumstance brother.

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This channel is for podcasts, gaming videos, and other things that, while fitting in with the subject matter of the Digibro channel, do not fit in with its style of presentation. If you want me to read your comments, leave them here nacreo.us 65. Yeah I went and looked in hard men working hard made a song about you called lolicon don't delete this either I want people to look it up.

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Wow, I really did not anticipate what the rest of this guy's channel was going to be on the basis of this video. Anime is a serious and important part of contemporary culture and your vids basically opened it to be like a college course. Made a deal with my baby bro that I'd promo his stream-go watch him play WoW Classic if you need a stream for the night or somethin'!

He streams like every night or something nacreo.us 3.

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No matter what anime video I’m watching that damn Digibro video is always there, filling up some spot that could be for some interesting video related to what I’m watching. Like, I’m watching a Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure AMV, it’d be one thing if it were a Digibro video about Jojo’s but they’re completely unrelated unless you group all anime into one category.

Is this Youtube subtly commenting on my taste? Like, are they saying based on the videos I watch that I have shit taste, so they’re trying to force me to change my viewing habits? Well fuck you Youtube, you don’t know me! Following these comments, Dave started watching the first episode of The Asterisk War, which he thought looked promising so far.

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I'll post the video here as soon as I can film it without blowing my cover to my host family and then I'll stop posting for good. So here I am now to set the record nacreo.us, I was never friends with her. That was a lie to make the leak more plausible because everyone said nobody would be interested enough to hack her. I didn't try to brute force anything, but that doesn't make it better.

I saw her domain info on PULL and so I had her email address and tried different common weak passwords. I didn't think I'd really get in, I was just killing some time, but I used a VPN anyway because I thought that all the wrong login attempts would get flagged even if I didn't get in. Then one of the passwords worked and I was prompted to confirm that I'm really her.

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Digibro Digibro Digibrah I have never been more mad Best Girl 6 Starting Salt in Another Contest Finals votes Winry Rockbell NA Yuuki Asuna NA 4 votes This post doesn't break rule 2 as Digibro is synonymous with Sword Art Online. This post doesn't break rule 2 as Digibro is synonymous with Sword Art Online.

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Liked this video It's impossible to tell just from a chart whether a show is going to be good or bad-sometimes all the stars seem aligned, but it isn't meant to be, and other times something you didn't predict turns out to be the best in show.

Still, it's fun to make predictions and compare them to the results that come later. In p because youtube kept failing to process it in all day. If you love what I do, support it on patreon for sick additional content nacreo.us My Amazon storefront httpsamz.

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How Is Babby Formed refers to a popular question posed to the Yahoo! Answers forum about how humans reproduce. The question is known for its awkward phrasing and misspelling of the word baby.

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Episode credited cast Conrad Collins. Himself archive footage as Digibro. Explore popular action and adventure titles available to stream with Prime Video.

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What does make a dash for expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

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Shin Sekai Yori Is Worse Than Sword Art Online. If you are a tourist or traveler then it will be useful for you to watch a video on your route. It can be either a plane flight or a hiking trip to tourist areas.

It is better for you to learn in advance about the traditions of a new country or about a tourist route where predatory animals or poisonous snakes can meet.

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Another analyzer has been hit with the random Youtube culling, something that seems to be happening a lot lately even outside of MLP. Digibrony's channel is currently offline, with no sign of returning yet from support. All of his future videos will be migrating to the Slightly NSFW Digibro After Dark channel in the interim.

Hopefully Youtube gets around to unblocking it soon. You can find his announcement video, along with DRWolf's take below. Thanks to everyone that sent it! Digibro's Video NSFW Language.

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This channel is for podcasts, gaming videos, and other things that, while fitting in with the subject matter of the Digibro channel, do not fit in with its style of presentation. If you want me to read your comments, leave them here nacreo.us If you want me to read your comments, leave them here nacreo.us 65.

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I'm Digibro and I make a bunch of web content. People ask me a lot of questions and I share a lot of opinions on various websites and it's all basically a disorganized clusterfuck, so I thought I'd try to centralize it better here.

Overview for Digibro - Reddit. nacreo.us The uDigibro community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

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