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Saturday 4st, November 3:58:12 Pm
Zircon Hypersonic Missile Challenges US Naval Dominance


An artist's rendering of a hypersonic weapon from Dynetics, which will get the first crack at learning to build the hypersonic glide body developed by federally funded Sandia National Laboratories under a U.S. WASHINGTON Dynetics Technical Solutions will be the first to manufacture a set of hypersonic glide body prototypes while Lockheed Martin will serve as the weapon system integrator, according to a U.S.

The other transaction authority, or OTA, contract awards mark an important step forward in getting a prototype of the Army’s. In conversations with investors, defense firms double down on hypersonic weapons. Companies are poised to profit from the new international arms race.

Much of the work is classified. In this still from Russian Defense Ministry footage, a Kinzhal hypersonic missile flies during a test in southern Russia. AP APRussian Defense Ministry Press Service. Hypersonic capabilities remain a major department-wide modernization focus, and DoD is accelerating hypersonic systems development and demonstration, he said in March during testimony before the House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee on intelligence and emerging threats and capabilities.

Hypersonic vehicles have become increasingly important technology areas to the Defense Department writ large.

It’s an area that I believe the U.S. Really needs to make progress in and be a leader in, Walker said. From a technology standpoint, we have led the way in hypersonics. I think some of our peer competitors, though, have taken that technology and turned it into capability faster than we have. The large differential in the budget between building a hypersonic missile defense and developing our own hypersonic missiles is perplexing.

While hypersonic missiles are a major reason why, the defense budget before Congress fails to reflect a plan to defend against them either at home or abroad. In fact, Mike Griffin, the Pentagon’s undersecretary of research and engineering, said on March If war breaks out tomorrow, we’re probably not going to kill hypersonic boost glide missiles. Mike White, Pentagon assistant director for hypersonics, added that we are stepping out first on the offensive side.

In other words, we build our hypersonic missiles first, and build our defense to defeat enemy missiles second. Russian have successfully test-launched a new interceptor missile from the territory of Kazakhstan, the Russian MoD said on Tuesday. The dark-suited attendees at the McAleeseCredit Suisse Defense Programs Conference were eager to learn what type of work he would favor. The audience was already familiar with Griffin, an unabashed defender of American military and political supremacy who has bragged about being labeled an unreconstructed cold warrior.

[To follow the development of hypersonic missiles and other military technology, sign up for the weekly At War newsletter.] Griffin is now the chief evangelist in Washington for hypersonics, and so far he has run into few political or financial roadblocks.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s deputies say they primarily support making the military’s arsenal more robust, an unusual stance for a department tasked with finding diplomatic solutions to global problems. Contractors are hoping to profit from an international arms race in hypersonic weaponry that has drawn the US into a cold war-style competition with Russia and China. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Boeing are among the companies developing hypersonic weapons, which travel five times the speed of sound.

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Hypersonic weapons incorporate the speed of a ballistic missile with the maneuvering capabilities of a cruise missile. Hypersonic weapons refer to weapons that travel faster than Mach 5 3,mph and have the capability to maneuver during the entire flight.

As a pentagon report stated, While the designed speed of the hypersonic missile is faster than that of sound, its advantage lies in its enhanced maneuverability and smooth flight path, which is much harder to track than that of traditional missiles.[i]. Hypersonic weapons are specifically designed for increased survivability against mod. Raytheon is pursuing several hypersonic weapon platforms with complementary, versatile capabilities.

Deployable from land, sea and air, these weapons will be able to perform multiple missions. Hypersonic weapons can travel at five times the speed of sound Mach 5 and faster, covering vast distances in minutes. They fall into two categories boost glide and scramjet.

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In a boost glide system, a rocket accelerates its payload to high speeds. The payload then separates from the rocket and glides unpowered to its destination, according to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, website.

Scramjet technology uses a booster to reach cruising speeds. The scramjet engine is designed to compress the high-velocity, incoming air before combustion.

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Hypersonic missiles will indeed make missile defenses obsolete for a few decades. The speeds that they travel at, their relatively small size and their maneuverability make hypersonic weapons extremely difficult to intercept. Eventually directed e As someone who worked at the biggest missile developer in the USA, I would say that I do feel a bit concerned. Last I heard about the hypersonic weapon being developed by my company, they were struggling to make it work properly because it was moving so fast that the missile would melt and deform, changing its aerodynamics and controllability. A hypersonic arms race is underway here Defence IQ offers some insights into how the technology is developing and the strategic threat this capability poses to geopolitical stability.

After a long hiatus, hypersonic missile research and development is back in full swing.

Now, a global hypersonic arms race is underway, challengin geopolitical order and undermining existing strategic air and missile defence systems. Recent reports of succesful hypersonic missile tests demonstrate that these capabilities will be fielded much sooner than we thought, forcing a global re-assessment of traditional deterrence models. SPY-6V1, as it is officially designated, is unlike any air and missile defense radar that has come before.

Using gallium nitride technology and modular design concepts, Massachusetts-based Raytheon has created a sensor that is infinitely scalable for any defensive role, delivering gains in performance that would have been unimaginable a generation ago. The Navy’s latest version of its multi-mission Arleigh Burke-class destroyer will have four arrays for degree protection, each containing 37 cubes.

Because gallium nitride technology enables much higher power densities than previous technologies, the resulting array is times more sensitive than the SPY-1 radar currently in use for overhead defense on Navy destroyers. Reaction Engines is making hypersonic planes and spaceplanes. Their key technology is a precooler. Reaction Engines is looking for an engine partner now.

They have some good contacts with Safran through Airbus Safran Launchers. A large amount of money is being made available by the US DoD for testing the precooler in a hypersonic wind tunnel. US Air Force research lab investigations examined the thermodynamic cycle of the SABRE concept and found no significant barrier to its theoretical viability provided the engine component and integration challenges are met.

Hypersonic military hardware and perhaps hypersonic business jets are of interest. There was mention of two stage to orbit designs and pictures of Orbital Access’ designs. Main work is on engine ground test.

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A hypersonic weapon travels at Mach 5 or higher, which is at least five times faster than the speed of sound. Russia and China are leading the way in developing hypersonic weapons. "Once you reach Mach 5 you can't use your traditional jets and just make them go faster," Carrie Lee, a Rand Stanton Nuclear Fellow, explained.

A traditional jet engine could operate up to Mach 3 or Mach 4 and so, anything traveling faster would need an altered system. "We don't currently have effective defenses against hypersonic weapons because of the way they fly, i.e., they're maneuverable and fly at an altitude our current defense systems are not designed to operate at," he said.

"Our whole defensive system is based on the assumption that you're gonna intercept a ballistic object.". The program's main goal is to find ways to make America's enemies think twice before using hypersonic weapons. Hypersonic weapons are weapons that move at speeds of Mach 5 or faster. Air-breathing hypersonic weapons use engines to suck in air, which is then used to burn fuel by a ramjet or scramjet engine.

Air-breathing hypersonics generally fly the same profile as conventional aircraft or missiles.

A successful December test of a Chinese scramjet vehicle reached Mach 7. Another, faster hypersonic weapon is the so-called boost glide system. Boost glide weapons are typically placed atop rockets such as the Chinese DF medium range ballistic missile. The missile boosts the weapon to higher altitud.

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Army prepares to accommodate flight testing of hypersonic weapon system flight test vehicles, according to a Federal Business Opportunities notice issued earlier this month.

The Army Contracting Command ACC has released a request for information on testing support for hypersonic weapons, specifically the current, new, and evolving Hypersonic Test Engineering, Mission Planning and Systems HyTEMPS requirements. Army is in need of information on potential sources that can provide the necessary technical skills, facilities, and personnel to support the current, new, and evo. The Pentagon may not be surprised by the new Russian hypersonic missiles but why not use them as a pitch for more money?

A military budget about 10 times that of Russia is not enough, according to the DARPA director. America is moving forward to modernize our nuclear arsenal and make sure our capabilities aren’t being matched, White insisted.

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Since taking office, President Donald Trump, with help from the Republican-controlled Congress, has added more than billion to the projected levels of defense spending for fiscal years through a sum more than twice the size of Russia’s entire defense budget, which totalled an estimated at billion in. It is necessary to make the system learn 10, standard situations to produce selective impacts on objects.

In other words, artificial intelligence will automatically make friend or foe’ decisions based on an array of signs, situations and the object’s behavioral characteristics," Bocharov said. Russia to develop helicopter capable of controlling a swarm of drones.

Comprehensive solutions are needed in addition to technical equipment to fight illegal drones more effectively, he stressed. As an example, he cited the initiative of marking all drones with special micro-ch.

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Hypersonic technology can make ICBMs and cruise missiles render current missile defenses useless. What makes both weapons so threatening is the fact that they are maneuverable, meaning they can change direction at any moment and keep their intended target secret until the last few moments before impact.

Current missiles can be intercepted because their flight paths are determined by momentum and gravity. Most, if not all, anti-ballistic missile defenses like THAAD and Aegis Ashore require a projectile to make physical contact for a successful intercept, or be close enough so that shrapnel from a proximity explosion could damage an incoming missile. The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, successfully tested in, was derived from the Sandia SWERVE [Sandia Winged Energetic Reentry Vehicle Experiment] maneuvering reentry vehicle, which was intended as a nuclear warhead, he told Defense One.

The US may not be planning to use hypersonics for nuclear delivery, but US statements allege that Russia and China do intend to do so, and the technical possibility is clear, he says. More importantly, even non-nuclear hypersonic weapons would be mainly intended to attack strategic targets including nuclear weapons and the infrastructure of nuclear war. Details of who currently has access to hypersonic weaponry are somewhat hazy.

Image US Air ForceSenior Airman Ian Dudley.

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The defense industrial base has holes.

Can it deal with the development and procurement of hypersonic weapons going forward? We want to make sure we’re not just at the tier-1 suppliers, but we’re looking at other suppliers necessary to provide at scale.

Hypersonics by the dozens US industry faces manufacturing challenge. Lewis said to expect an initial report from that study group in the next few months, but also said he suspects the work will be an ongoing activity that evolves as the hypersonic strategy and development process becomes clearer. As an example of the kind of thing that needs to be considered, Lewis pointed to questions of how air-breathing hypersonic cruise missiles could requires a supersonic. Critics, meanwhile, see hypersonic missiles as destabilizing They could be mistaken for ballistic missiles, could be used in attacks against nuclear and other strategic military assets, and could even be outfitted with nuclear warheads.

Amid these concerns, calls have emerged to halt a developing hypersonic arms race by enacting a moratorium on hypersonic testing and eventually establishing a test ban treaty. Below, experts from the United States, India, and China debate this question How serious a threat to global security do hypersonic missiles represent, and is a test ban the best way to. The United States lacks defenses against Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles and needs to speed up work to counter the threat.

To win hypersonic arms race with own high-speed missiles and new space sensors. The United States lacks defenses against Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles and needs to speed up work to counter the threat, the commander of the Strategic Command told a Senate hearing Tuesday.

"Both Russia and China are developing hypersonic capabilities," Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of the Omaha-based Strategic Command said. "We've watched them test those capabilities. Hypersonic weapons that can travel at an extremely high rate of speed could be the next frontier in technology that could fuel defense exchange-traded f Here you will find consolidated and summarized ETF data to make data reporting easier for journalism.

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Developments in hypersonic flight, for instance, are opening new possibilities in offensive operations.

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The pace of technological change will accelerate the speed of battle and raise the demand for yet quicker weapons. Supporting this process is the growing spread of technology and related know-how that has enabled states and empowered individuals to develop, acquire and adapt hardware and software.

Amid an increasingly data-infused world, technology developments either originating in or driven by the civilian sector will be integrated into war-fighting organisations in order to help leverag. These weapons include a hypersonic air-launched attack missile and ground-launched hypersonic glider, that can be used with nuclear or conventional warheads.

Russian scientists have also matured a compact nuclear propulsion system that can be fitted to unmanned aerial vehicles and torpedo-like submersibles, used as cruise missiles. Kinzhal Dagger high-precision hypersonic air-launched missile carried underneath a Russian MiG The missile has entered service with the operational units of the Russian Southern District.

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Republic confirmed today that Russia began deploying new strategic weapons that are virtually immune to enemy missile defense capabilities. Hypersonic vehicles, whether missiles or aircraft, are designed to travel at many times the speed of sound. In theory, such weapons could strike anywhere in the world in less than an hour. To date, however, such weapons are still only in the testing and development phase.

DARPA’s own history with hypersonics has been mixed. In the s, the agency started work on a classified concept known as Copper Canyon, a notional space vehicle that would take off and land like an airplane. It eventually grew into the National Aero-Space Plane, which was touted by then-President Ronald Reagan as a new Or.

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The hypersonic weapon is designed to be installed instead of traditional warheads on long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles. It starts working at a height of around 60 miles and flies at its target at a speed of miles km per second. Russia could get hypersonic weapons by early s. NPO Mashinostroyeniya has declined to make any comments.

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Russia's answer to Star Wars’. The Albatros hypersonic warhead project appeared in the USSR in the middle of the s. It was the response to the United States’ attempt to create an anti-missile defense as part of its much-vaunted "Star Wars" defense program.

The project was abandoned after a few years due to technical complications. Nine Best Hypersonic Podcasts For Latest was Can a hypersonic missile sink an aircraft carrier. Listen online, no signup necessary. National Defense is a podcast on military technology and defense industry trends, from the articles of National Defense Magazine.

Have courage in the face of monsters we make Taiwan Special continue readingBy Jesse Steele. Forums World Strategic Defence Area World Armed Forces. Discussion in 'World Armed Forces' started by Vlad Plasmius, Feb 1, Facebook. I think Russia and India got some valuable experiance with the BrahMos.

But hypersonic is a different scale. You need new materials to withstand the heat and a new propulsion. Besides, such a missile would follow more a ballistic track, flying M5+ at low altitude is very difficult.

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27, MDA awarded 21 one-year, firm-fixed-price contracts each worth 1 million to "further develop and refine their Hypersonic Defense Weapon Systems Concept Definition White Paper." The awards are in response to MDAap.

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Moscow defence chief announces development of weapon that could tip balance in future conflicts. Russia has announced it is developing a "hypersonic" missile that will be able to evade any defence system in the worldCredit Getty Images. The announcement is part of Vladimir Putin's drive to assert Russia on the world stage againCredit PAPress Association.

And worryingly, they warned that no defence system would be able to stop it once its target had been picked. Russian top brass Boris Satovsky told Russian news outlet RIA "The fund is implementing several scientific and technical projects in the sphere of manoeuvrable hypersonic aeroballistic aerial devices.

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Russia's Hypersonic Ship Killer. The Russians unveiled a cruise missile that is thought to travel at speeds of up to six times the speed of sound, or about 4, miles per hour. This mach 6 monster poses an incredible threat to basically anything it is aimed at.

Our incredible capability to shoot down incoming missiles with our own missiles would basically be rendered obsolete in the face of this creation. It is feared that the rocket would be used primarily against naval vessels, which most all now have a missile defense system on them.

Those systems, however, are only sophisticated enough to intercept a missile going at about half the speed of the Zircon. It takes time to locate, identify, launch and intercept incoming missiles.

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PubMed comprises more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

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Hypersonic missiles are within the design envelopes of several modern air defense systems that have been designed to defend against tactical ballistic missiles with hypersonic terminal velocities. For the hypothetical defensive system considered above Although the committee analyzed the vulnerability of a hypersonic missile to a hypothetical, command-guided, surface-to-air missile system, more advanced surface-to-air missile systems are being developed to counter the threat of tactical ballistic missiles, such as the U.S.

Theater High Altitude Area Defense and the Naval Area Defense. These systems are designed with high performance radars and interceptors.

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Hypersonic weapons, by definition, travel five or more times than the speed of sound. Hypersonic cruise missiles which are powered by scramjet are The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA is eyeing flight tests later this year for two hypersonic weapons, and it is teaming up with the US Army on developing such a ground-launched capability. However, at the same time, army leaders are drafting plans to consolidate duelling lines of effort within their hypersonic weapons' portfolio.

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This link suggests the US needs to refocus its efforts on hypersonic weapons. Both the Russians and Chinese are making progress in developing this After Putin's hyping about Russian advances in hypersonic weapons, AW has this article about US progress regarding hypersonic efforts. IMHO both countries should be more concerned with Chinese progress, China can actually afford the development costs and they seem to be making substantial progress as well.

Even if all three countries develop working systems, China's ability to fund a decent inventory of these weapons is better. Hypersonic Weapons Coming’ As Putin Touts Russia’s Lead.

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The Missile Defense Agency MDA also has its own hypersonic defense project. It is yet unclear how and if DARPA’s project will be related to it. The MDA project includes plans for some sort of anti-hypersonic missile weapon system. Research and development on the MDA project are expected to cost more than million and will run through at least DARPA’s concept art also shows hard-kill, kinetic interceptors about to destroy unpowered, hypersonic boost-glide vehicles.

However, the project’s stated goal of researching and developing technologies to defeat both high-supersonic and hypers.

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Accelerates Our Defenses Against Hypersonic Threats Directs the acceleration of our hypersonic missile defenses and links them to the deployment of space-based sensors. Focuses of Allies Expresses that the U.S. Should work with allies and trusted partners to share missile defense capabilities. More Rigorous Testing Seeks to discourage a risk adverse culture of missile defense testing and promotes a more rigorous testing regime to deliver capabilities at the speed of relevance.

Senators Schatz and Sullivan stated that the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense comm.

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The United States, Russia and China are developing hypersonic boost-glide vehicles. A simple model of their trajectory is developed by assuming that the vehicle does not oscillate during the transition to equilibrium gliding.

This model is used to analyze U.S. Department of Defense data on test flights for the Hypersonic Technology Vehicle This glider’s lift-to-drag ratioa key performance parameteris estimated to be The model is also used to calculate the tactical warning time that a boostglide attack would afford an adversary.

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