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Betting 2 pick round robin champions league final vegas odds

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Round Robin Bets are offered at nearly every sportsbook, but rarely used by sports bettors. Learn all about round robin betting and the strategy behind it. A Round Robin bet is an easy way to wager multiple parlays with a single bet. They make it easy for bettors to place parlays that consist of lines and teams. Bettors can cover their bases and wager all possible combinations by using a Round Robin and bet many parlays at once.

The downside to these wagers is that gamblers bet too many legs or use too many selections in their parlay combinations.

You can find round robin bets at just about every online sportsbook, but they’re not often used by most sports gamblers. Included in our Round Robin Guide Bet Example. A Round Robin Bet is a convenient way to create mutiple parlays at one time.

Most sportsbooks will allow you to pick lines and the combine them in parlays of teams. You can make the same bet by making individual parlays but it would take a lot longer. The Round Robin Bet allows you to make multiple parlays very quickly. Bettors will use a Round Robin Bet when they feel very strongly on certain pick on a bet line. They then want to include that bet line with other teams to maximize the profit potential.

For example, you feel strongly on the following NFL lines Atlanta Falcons -3 Buffal. The "Sports Betting Whale" who won tens of millions of dollars betting on sports discusses his strategies, advice, and tips on how to pick out winners for parlays and Round Robin bets. A two-way round robin means that you are betting as many different two-team parlay combinations as you can with a given number of teams.

On a three-team RR two-way parlay, you would have three different two-teamers. Let’s just give an example to show you how a three-team RR two-way bet would work.

You like three teams we’ll call the Cowboys -7, Packers -7 and +4. Let’s say you wanted on each pair. Here’s how your wagers would look Parlay 1 Cowboys -7 Packers -7 Betting to win Parlay 2 Cowboys -7 +4 Betting to win Here is a look at the Round Robin table showing you how many picks, how many ways you can bet them, and how many different combinations of bets you will have for each. A round robin bet is a way of betting on several team parlays in one bet.

The average parlay is between 3 and 8 lines and different teams. You can cover every possible eventuality, and bet on all outcomes with several parlays at the same time. These selections can be created automatically via your bookmaker so this kind of betting can be time-saving when you want to place several wagers at once.

Bookmakers usually offer between three and eight, with some offering more options than that. In most cases, a round robin bet takes the form of seven separate bets on three events singles, dou. A Round Robin bet is a simplistic and time-saving way of online betting multiple parlay all at one time. In Round Robin bets, a bettor can select between three and eight betting lines and the combine them into betting parlays of two to six teams.

Essentially, this is why Round Robin bets are encouraged to bettors who feel strongly on certain picks, as it allows them to maximize their profit potential. To understand how much you’d make or lose from any given combination of Round Robin selections, you can simply use a Round Robin Calculator, which is specially designed to help understand how winnings change with given different permutations. In addition to the standard parlay rules, a Round Robin bet must adhere to the following rules. NFL Round Robin Picks Dolphins Eagles +2.

These selections would allow for 3 different 2 team parlay combinations DolphinsEagles - EaglesBills - DolphinsBills. -The final cost of a Round Robin bet is determined by the resulting number of parlay combinations, for instance, a bet in the example above would produce a total risk of x 3 Parlays. You can increase your round robin payouts by raising the number of sidestotals or active parlays. The system will automatically calculate the number of possible bet combinations to help you determine the total bet price.

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Round Robin Betting, most people aren’t educated on this form of betting until they’ve become familiar with betting on sports. Essentially, Round Robin Bet explained is the perfect strategy for players that prefer hedging.

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This Round Robin Bet strategy allows for the risk factor to be minimized, while the potential for round robin bet payout is heightened.

Round Robin Betting is considered a creative parlay that enables multiple bets simultaneously. This is accomplished by players first constructing a single parlay that’s in correlation to the events taking place. Then a secondary smaller parl. A round robin bet is a way to set up multiple parlays at once. Most sports betting online will allow you to have between two to six teams.

From a technical standpoint, you could simply make individual parlays but the benefit of a round robin is that it saves you the effort. If it sounds a bit confusing, let’s use an example to illustrate how it works. Let’s say you like these three betting picks Green Bay Packers Risk Versus Reward It’s hard enough to win 55 of your picks but when you start getting into parlays, now you need even more to go right for you before you win.

With a round robin, things start to get even more expensive. Round robins can save you time if you were planning to make a bunch of bet combinations anyway. The round robin betting calculator is one of the easiest tools you’ll ever have the pleasure of operating. All you need are a few numbers, such as the odds and stake amount and you are off the to the races. Firstly, it is integral to the functionality of the calculator that you choose what type of odds you are using, whether that be American, fractional, or decimal.

Now let us move on to an example of using the round robin betting calculator. By using the tool, we can easily see all the different permutations. As we only need 3 events, we can choose many different types of sports. So, let us say we have Sale Sharks to win at 94, Bath at 21, and Wasps at 138. We then have to lay a stake, say we put 1 per bet, that’s a total stake of. This is where round-robin betting comes in as a sort of middle man between straight bets and parlays.

We have already talked about parlay betting in a couple of previous articles. We discussed some of the tips and strategies for making them as well as some pros and cons to using them. When putting together a round robin bet, you must make sure that the odds given for your picks are significant enough to earn you a profit on their own. And always be sure to pick up bets that you truly believe to have a good shot at actually winning. This is true for any bet, but too many times people are putting together parlays or round robins and only look at high odds to get a bigger payout.

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A two-pick round-robin arbiter selects up to two requesters. An n 2 n two-pick round-robin arbiter indicates the picked requests with at most two-hot n - bit output. A round-robin arbiter is fair to its requesters and does this by repeatedly moving its highest priority pointer to the position immediately next to the second requester picked. Presented is the circuit architecture and VLSI implementation of a new scalable two-pick round-robin arbiter with low latency, which is compared with previous work based on logic synthesis results.

Published in Electronics Letters Volume 48, Issue. A round robin parlay, you bet more games and it parlays them every way possible, so lets say you pick 4 teams, we will call them teams 1, 2, 3 and 4.,,, and, thats 6 parlays, if only 1 team loses, 3 of your bets win, and 3 lose, but you still make MONEY.

I like to do the 4 teams and 1 extra parlay with all 4 teams, that way i win a LOT if all 4 win! How do you think about the answers? + Fully Automatic Sports Picks with transparent performance since No guesswork, easy to use even if you have no clue about sports. Playing round robins can be a good way to hedge your bets.

Chances are good that you can hit one pick or even two. However, that does not mean that this type of bet is a piece of cake.

You want to populate your round robins with teams of which you are fairly certain, and only make your picks after engaging in studious research. The two-team, three-way round robin is preferred because it gives you the best odds of winning. Round robins are not recommended as a part of your daily sports betting regimen, but they can certainly add some variety to your approach. Finally, the round robin bet is a mix of straight bet payouts and parlay payouts.

They can keep you in it for the long haul or can be a real quick payout. The following explanations should help you make the right choice and hopefully you will find a betting option you really enjoy. The first and easiest football betting option is the straight bet. Let me rephrase that, making the bet is simple, picking which bet you like is even simpler if you have the right picks or knowledge. The straight bet is exactly like it sounds straight.

You find a team or an overunder you like and you just bet tha.

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Use our union jack round robin calculator to work out potential betting returns.

A union jack round robin bet is a 9 selection wager consisting of 80 bets. There are 9 selections in a 33 grid. A winning Union Jack Round Robin bet involves having a round robin along any of the straight lines. Three horizontal, three vertical and two diagonals. In total there are 8 round robin bets. A two-pick round-robin arbiter selects up to two requesters.

An ntwo-pick round-robin arbiter indicates the picked requests with at most two-hot n-bit output. A We observe that we can do 2-pick selection and muxing with around only 11 extra latency compared to the numbers for doing only selection. Also, again in 2-pick case, we improve the latency by a little over 10 compared to the brute-force approach in Figure 2 combined with the optimization in Figure 3. Fast One- and Two-Pick Fixed-Priority Selection and Muxing Circuit.

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The term Round Robin ahs two different meanings depending on where you are in the world.

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If you are in the UK or Europe then this is a specific type of bet that can be placed on multiple results, but this is not the case in the US or Canada. Open up a sports betting app in Canada or selected US states where betting is allowed and you will find a tab on your betslip for round-robin. This is where you will find all the various multiple bet options.

However, if you are successful at picking winners, then betting on them in a round-robin will see you win more cash than betting on them separately so that extra outlay is often worthwhile. The round-robin bet is an excellent little bet, especially when applied to horse racing. Elo-based tournament Monte Carlo simulator to beat the prediction markets - brainforecastchess-betting.

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A round-robin tournament or all-play-all tournament is a competition in which each contestant meets all other contestants in turn. A round-robin contrasts with an elimination tournament, in which participants are eliminated after a certain number of losses. The term round-robin is derived from the French term ruban, meaning "ribbon". Over a long period of time, the term was corrupted and idiomized to robin. Round Robin bets are parlay bets that require the placement of several parlay bets simultaneously.

The name Round Robin’ is derived from the Round Robin tournaments where teams are required to compete against one another at least once. With Round Robin betting, there are multiple parlay bets that you can choose including totals bets, Moneyline bets, spread bets and several other bet selections.

Round Robin parlays are different to typical parlay bets. In a Round Robin parlay, there are a minimum of 3 bets, and no upper limit. This size of your parlays, and the bet combinations you make determ. The Round Robin Bet Calculator allows you to calculate the stake, return and profit for Round Robins, permed from up to 20 selections if required, with the same comprehensive range of options available to the Free Bet Calculator.

The Number of Selections value is automatically updated when you switch between different bet types, if the current value is less than the minimum required for the type of bet.

The number of selections can be increased in order to create perms or, in the case of Accumulators, to simply extend the size of the Accum.

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An ntwo-pick round-robin arbiter indicates the picked requests with at most two-hot n-bit output. A round-robin arbiter is fair to its requesters and does this by repeatedly moving its highest priority pointer to the position immediately next to the second requester picked.

Presented is the circuit architecture and VLSI CONTINUE READING. A Round Robin bet Allows you to place multiple combination bets, for the same amount, all at once Is possible on a card with three We can place all single bets, andor all possible combinations with two selections, andor all possible combinations with three selections.

Within these groups, each new single bet or combination works the same way it would outside of a round robin. Let’s break down the possible bets in this case. A Round Robin bet is an easy way to wager multiple parlays with a single bet.

They make it easy for bettors to place parlays that consist of lines and teams. Bettors can cover their bases and wager all possible combinations by using a Round Robin and bet many parlays at once. The downside to these wagers is that gamblers bet too many legs or use too many selections in their parlay combinations.

You can find round robin bets at just about every online sportsbook, but they’re not often used by most spo moreLoading Here are the best sports betting providers.

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I would like to setup multiple queues in celery. This is easy but I want the tasks in these queues to be picked up in a round robin fashion. Let me explain that with an example.

Say there are 2 queues - Q1 and Q2.

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  4. 8:2

Say Q1 has tasks T1a, T1b, Tand Q2 has tasks T2a, T2b, TSay there are 10 celery workers - W1, W2, W I would like to know the answers to two questions In which order do these tasks get delivered to these 10 workers? Is there an option to make celery pick the tasks in round robin fashion among the queues? Say celery picks task Tfrom Q1 and assigns it to worker W1. Round-robin forward to 2 hosts.

Hi everyone, Currently I'm having one ASA with behind it two loadbalancersproxys and two FTP servers. From my limited understanding about round-robin with regards to NAT more specifically PAT, was that the ASA would pick a new IP address from the pool in a circular fashion abc, abc, abc, rather than exhausting all the ports for IP before moving on to the next aaa, bbb, ccc. What does Round Robin mean in betting terms. Learn how to use a Round Robin bet and how to make money from Round Robin bets.

Learn betting with nacreo.us With the nature of the up-and-down SSA bets in the Round Robin, working out your winnings can become very complicated. There are plenty of online calculators that will do this for you. They will also allow you to change the variables, such as the odds and outcomes, to see how they would affect your payout.

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Calculate all your round robin bets with Trickybet's free calculator. Find more free betting tips and tools on our website. Round Robin betting simply means betting a bunch of parlays on all the teams you select. All the games you select will be criss-crossed into parlays. The most common Round Robins include only 2 team parlays, where each of your selected plays are matched up in 2 team parlays, but you can make the parlays 3-team, 4-team or as many teams in the parlay as you wish as long as you have selected that many games.

This system follows the goal of my other books on gambling.

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This method of play accomplishes two of the most important aspect of gambling keeping risk low and preservation of capital. You will be amazed on the large monster payoffs one can achieve by applying these methods. If you pick 4 different fights, round robin the for 10 each. I used to pick 7 or 8 fights a night, and round robin the and for 5 a piece. It's a lot of fun, you make a ton of bets, and it looks like your risking a good chunk of money.

As long as you don't blow 90 of your picks, you won't lose a whole lot. If you get them all right, you can make a nice little chunk back. Not as much money back in a round robin, as if you were to parlay all the fights into a single bet, but also less chance to lose it all. A round robin bet is an easy way of betting multiple parlays all at one time. It's just like boxing dogs in a dog race if that makes any sense.

How they work is you select between 3 and 8 teams that you'd like to involve in the bet. Also made a three pick round robin of the above. Betting betting Put these games in a round robin three two-way parlays Heat ML Lakers ML Saints teaser spread The round robin provides some hedge but I feel confident on all three hitting.

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A round robin tournament consists of each team playing every other team one time. Many times in this format, two or more teams will end up with the same record.

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Before the tournament begins you will need to come up with a list of tiebreaking procedures.

I will start by saying, there are many different sports and games that use the round robin format, so there are no set rules for breaking ties. But, the standard procedure for a two team tie would be to use the head to head match. The team that beat the other team, should be declared the winner. If you are running a double round rob. Hey, sorry for the uglynoob code - I'm building a rhythm metal guitar library which requires alternate picking, non-repeating random-robin, and I'm pretty close, but occassionally it will only play one side I think one of the while loops is clashing.

Basically I've ordered the groups in a crappy way. But 0,1,4,5,8,9 are Downpicked, and 2,3,6,7,10,11 are Uppicked hence the crappy if statements. And the basic logic is Set whether downpick or uppick. Wrap the part of code that is in note callback in a function then just call it twice in a row, except when you want to trigger the other set of groups, add the offset between them in your case that offset will be 6 to currentroundrobin variable - obviously you use currentroundrobin in allowgroup. The European round robin for The Summit 2, the second iteration of Beyond the Summit's The Summit tournament, has concluded with Team Secret, Cloud 9, nacreo.us and Power Rangers proceeding to the next stage.

The next stage will be a double elimination bracket between the top four, all games will be best-of-three with the exception of the grand finals which will be a best-of-five. Due to the three-way tie between Cloud 9, nacreo.us and Power Rangers, Team Secret will be picking their opponent going into the bracket, the other two teams will face each other.

The double elimination bracket wi.

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A Round-Robin bet is one that consists of ten bets in total. It’s not for beginners as there are some complicated aspects to the wager. It has three double bets, one treble bet and three up-and-down single-stake pair bets. All you need to do is simply choose your three selections and then pick multiple bets.

Follow the full guide below Choose the three selections you want to bet on. Click and select the multiple bet. You will see the option for a Round-Robin bet. Click into the box, select the bet and place it!.

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Round Robin Scheduling is a CPU scheduling algorithm that assigns CPU on basis of FCFS for fixed time called as time quantum. Round Robin Scheduling is FCFS Scheduling with preemptive mode.

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Round robin betting organizes your NFL bets into several parlays, with each parlay covering one unique combination of bets. These bets can include point spreads, totals, moneyline odds, futures, and some propsjust like with regular parlays. The goal of a round robin is to bet on all possible outcomes of your picks, or several unique outcomes of your picks. There’s a range because the more bets you make, the more expensive it will be but you’ll also have the security of knowing that you’ve covered all your bases.

Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers Kansas City Chiefs. With four picks, you can organize the round robin in three different ways 1 All Options 10 bets.

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A round robin is a tournament format in which each team participating plays each other team participating an equal number of times. Examples in League of Legends include the group stages of most Premier Leagues. The Champions Group Stage features a round robin in which each team plays each other team in their group in one Best of 2 match.

The NA and EU LCS instead feature each team playing each opponent in 4 best-of-1 matches. Generally, scheduling is done such that each team plays an equal number of.

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Round Robin is a CPU scheduling algorithm where each process is assigned a fixed time slot in a cyclic way. It is simple, easy to implement, and starvation-free as all processes get fair share of CPU. One of the most commonly used technique in CPU scheduling as a core. There is fairness since every process gets equal share of CPU. There is Larger waiting time and Response time.

The newly created process is added to end of ready queue. A round-robin scheduler generally employs time-sharing, giving each job a time slot or quantum. While performing a round-robin scheduling,a particular time quantum is alloted to different jobs.

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Roundrobin is an underground gambling game which utilizes the Bifrost System. It is played by chosen Congressmen who use real life events and cases as a bases for their games. In online gaming, round robin is a method of dividing winnings amongst a group of players by having the game assign, in turn, "loot" to a player or assign an "enemy corpse to loot" to a player.

In Bifrost's version of Roundrobin, the "loot" may vary and the "enemy corpse to loot" could be a variety of actions taken that will.

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Double-round-robin information. April 12, Three Wins to Get In. The first two teams to earn three victories in Round 3 will move on to the best-of-seven Fred Page Cup BCHL Finals. This page will help you track the results.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A round-robin tournament or all-play-all tournament is a competition in which each contestant meets all other contestants in turn.[1][2] It contrasts with an elimination tournament.

In a single round-robin schedule, each participant plays every other participant once. If each participant plays all others twice, this is frequently called a double round-robin. The term is rarely used when all participants play one another more than twice,[1] and is never used when one participant plays others an unequal number of times as is the case in almost all of the major United States professional sports leagues see AFL 41 and All-America Football Conference for exceptions.

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Round Robin is a technological innovation hub that partners with leading companies and co-founds promising startups.

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Free download round robin bet sampling Files at Software Informer. The Team Sports Scheduling System has been designed to help you quickly create league schedules for your sport organization. With it you can create tournament, round-robin, official, and practice.

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A common tournament format where each player plays against every other player if they play once it's referred to as a single round-robin, if twice a double round-robin, and so on. The strongest round-robin tournament in modern chess history in terms of average rating was the double-round robin Sinquefield Cup, played in St.

Louis from August to September Six of the top 10 players in the world, including World Champion Magnus Carlsen, participated. Fabiano Caruana annihilated the field scoring an incredible out of Sinquefield Cup Saint Louis.

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Read round robin from the story "ROUND ROBIN" by AbigailBucks Dolphin with 33 reads. The Scorched Earth DuologyV o l u m e ROUND ROBIN n. A document signed by multiple parties in a circle to make it more difficult to determine the order in which it was signed, thus preventing the ringleader from being identified.

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Simple Queue setup I would now like to set up a new queue which routes inbound callers to two of the extensions I created in chapter 8. For my queue, I will use x, x, and x, and I would like to set them up to be a ring-all queue. Click on Queues on the left hand side of PBX Settings. I used the following information to set this up Queue number extension for the queue Queue name Sales Queue password since I am going to use static agents, there is no need to have the agents log into the queue.

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Round Robin Hopper is a modified version of Minecraft's Hopper, but with a built-in Round-Robin RR mode. The Hopper transfers items into multiple directions equally, making it much easier to set item ratios or operate multiple machines. Short video demonstration nacreo.us?vxIhtGUI Interface How to use Red Slot Output is disabled.

Yellow Slot Currently active output.

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Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a mashup of multiple sources.

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Round Robin on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more, Sign up and share your playlists. In general, round-robin refers to a pattern or ordering whereby items are encountered or processed sequentially, often beginning again at the start in a circular manner.

Round-robin may refer to Round-robin bet, a type of wager offered by UK bookmakers, covering three selections. Round-robin document, a document signed by several parties in a circle in order to hide the identity of the leader. Round-robin DNS, a technique for dealing with redundant Internet Protocol service hosts. Round-robin letter, a news-filled letter typically accompanying a Christmas card.

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Top synonym for round robin other word for round robin is preliminary round. Round robin path selection policy. Tell my friends about Power Thesaurus.

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OVERVIEW Jones was not a household name outside of the Research Triangle during his time at North Carolina State, and was snubbed for all-conference honors by ACC coaches. League media recognized that he was an impact defender for the Wolfpack, however, giving him honorable mention notice in after he led the team with tackles four for loss and three interceptions, also breaking up eight passes. Jones had started eight games as a true freshman, finishing second in the ACC with four.

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Mathematical football predictions, tips, match previews, scores and statistics for over leagues. Forebet - Where Football meets Mathematics.

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The Round Robin Schedule Generator is a free online tool that will help you generate a simple round-robin schedule for the number of teams. We have had many requests for help on different combinations of teams, locations, and byes. Although the generator doesn't automatically handle every case, most cases can be handled by exporting the schedule to Excel, and then manually modifying the schedule to meet your needs.

I want to generate a double round robin schedule that alternates the homeaway games for teams each week. I want to create a round robin for players instead of teams. Your best bet would be to generate the round robin for the 8 teams and assign a "placeholder" location. So you would have in your location list.

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